Question on Routing (Gaming)

  • Greetings!,

    I would like to ask for opinion in regards to Routing in general.
    My concern or goal is all about achiving the lowest ping rates for 'gaming'.

    Scenario 1:

    • 1 ISP with 50mbps down and 50mbps up using ftth (GPON)

    Scenario 2:

    • 2 ISP
      –ISP#1 10mbps down and 5 mbps up (dedicated to gaming traffic only)
      --ISP#2 20mbps down and 20 mbps up using ftth (GPON)

    What I am using right now is Scenario 1, with 1 ISP. I believe I have ample bandwidth for gaming for around 10 to 20 users coupled with basic/moderate browsing.

    With Routing with only 1 ISP, it is generally just trying to prioritize which goes in/out first. Yet, since this is just 1 ISP, some of the traffic/packets may be delayed in some context but since I believe I have ample bandwidth for my gaming needs. it is fine and tolerable.

    However, with Scenario 2, since it involves 2 ISP's and one of the connection is intended only to serve as a gaming traffic only connection. What I seem to understand about having a dedicated line for a certain traffic is that when it is routed..., it will have no delay since traffic is just transferred to the right connection right away or instantly, unlike with just 1 ISP/connection, routing may stop momentarily since it will be trying to balance out which one to prioritize before going in/out of pfSense.

    Any thoughts/comments/opinions, I would appreciate it.