Getting now IP address over DHCP when spoofing MAC

  • So I decided I need a new IP address from my ISP. Easiest way to do so is to spoof mac address and power cycle my cable modem.

    So I spoofed it and started getting bunch of errors that no permission to write to WAN interface and after reboot all I was getting is as WAN IP address (looks like time out).

    Any idea what's going on with this setting in 2.3.3? I remember it used to work properly before. Do I need to make any additional changes after MAC address spoofing?

  • ??? Not sure if I understand this but if you spoofed the modems mac then it may take time for gateway to react. If the modem is in bridge mode(or just a modem) and you spoofed pfsense wan mac then same applies.
    If modem is not in bridge mode(combo unit) then all you did was break connection to modem and pfsense. Modem will still have same IP but you will need to cycle pfsense for new IP for wan interface to modem.
    My ISP does not react to spoofed mac very fast and it can be easier to shut down power of modem for a few hours before any change is possible at the ISP with a different mac setting.
    Also did you notice any warning about your mac number being wrong.