Running Netgate SG-1000 pfSense Firewall - Install Help

  • I have FiOS and I am using their router to in bridge mode to my Synology Router.  I wanted to run my pfSense Netgate SG-1000 between the two in order to segment my Synology.

    I am certain I am doing something wrong because the only way I could get the setup to run was to run the ethernet from FiOS LAN port to Netgate WAN port, then ethernet from NetGate LAN port to Synology WAN port, and then run Synology Router as an AP instead of a Router.

    I'm not sure if the configuration is worse or better for security.  Ofcourse, now all the LAN IPs are 192 again.  I was running a 10.1.14 range on the Synology and running all connections through the Synology Router.

    Anyone have any input?