SQUID << NT Domain

  • I am running PFsense current stable version with squid package installed.
    I would like to configure NT Domain authentication, under the Auth tab within the squid configuration page there is an option called "NT Domain"
    I am unsure of the details I should fill in here, I have configured what I thought would be right but it doesn't work.
    When you first select the "NT Domain" option and click save the squid service fails to start, it complains about the msntauth.conf file (I can't remember the exact name), I manually created this file via the console and then the service starts, and I get prompted to enter a username and password into my web browser, but it wont' authenticate against my domain.

    Please could someone shed some light on what needs to be done to get this option to work, just for examples sake lets say my domain is:
    Windows 2003 DC is
    and the OU is "staff" so the LDAP string would be LDAP://OU=Staff,DC=contoso,DC=com,DC=au

    Please let me know about the filter string and whether I need to set LDAP to version 3, just basically what do I need to set on this squid page to get the "NT Domain" option to work.


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