Throttling YouTube after 2 or 3 hours use?

  • I'd like to restrict my kids (well, one of them) to view YouTube videos all day long.
    It's quite amazing how lazy kids get and only watch others playing games and talking nonsense all day long. 8+ hours is no problem for them.
    While the main task (my task) is getting them to do other things as well (and probably not only on the computer or console), I'd like to support this with throttling the YouTube bandwidth after some time, say 2 or 3 hours. This way they could still watch a video if they wait long enough to be buffered but it would give them time to think of other activities.

    Limiting googlevideo bandwidth in general shouldn't be that hard, stepping on the break later on is somewhat different. Any ideas?

    Just to be clear: educating kids is the first part, using technology to support this effort would be beneficial.
    Looking forward to your replies!

  • It sounds like throttling isn't what you're looking for… It sounds like a quota is what you're looking for. No?

  • How about using the captive portal?  It allows you to set time limits for total use.  Give the kid x Mins/day, when it's done, it's done for the day.

  • If you really need this use Untangle with home license  as router or bridge

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    Not sure about "after 2-3 hours", if you want to throttle it in general, have a look at Squid delay pools.