Bypass traffic shaping for specific ip

  • how to bypass traffic shaping


    lan = ping internet ip latency 400ms
    wan = ping internet ip latency 50ms

    i tried floating then bypass, apply action immediately then put the destination ip monitor on lan interface

    but i could not lower the latency from lan going to internet ip.


  • any idea will be much appreciated..thanks

  • You'll have to share more details.

    What have you tried?

  • 400ms for LAN devices and 50ms for WAN means your firewall is the cause of the bufferbloat. You need to configure PFSense to not be bufferbloated. I just use Codel for the sub-discipline.

  • thank you guys for you reply i will look into what bufferbloat means

    here is the scenario when i tried to ping ex. inside the lan i get a high latency
    but when i am login in pfsense the latency is low.

    we have traffic shaping setup.


  • Share your network topography topology.

  • Was trying to follow along, but if you test whatever your scenario is and you ping from your LAN, is there any load going on? You shouldn't really see much difference at all from a few pings with no utilization.

    The purpose of Traffic Shaping would be to prioritize and ensure that key hosts/ip/protocols/etc get bandwidth when they need it. I ensure that ICMP/DNS/my XBox all get a dedicated part of my pipe regardless of what anyone else is doing in the house.

    You wouldn't bypass traffic shaping, you'd use it to prioritize or 'carve' out part of your pipe to ensure you get that allocated.