Floating rules not catching traffic

  • I have pfsense 2.3.3 running with 2 wans 1 lan pfblocker, snort, ntopng, hfsc and limiter for some reason  I am not getting traffic flowing not seeing much change in floating rules  see attached picture not sure how to trouble shoot why
    ![Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.06.22 PM.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.06.22 PM.png_thumb)
    ![Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.06.22 PM.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.06.22 PM.png)
    ![Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.04.39 PM.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.04.39 PM.png_thumb)
    ![Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.04.39 PM.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.04.39 PM.png)
    ![Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.31.15 PM.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.31.15 PM.png)
    ![Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.31.15 PM.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.31.15 PM.png_thumb)

  • i disable snort ntopng and pfblockerng and that made no difference if i edit floating rule then hit same it no longer seems to increment any traffic
    and i am on 2.3.4 latest

  • have now moved to 2.4 to get fix on limiters

  • Your issue sounds similar to this:  https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/7116