Status not green…?

  • IPsec is up and running ok with green on 4 of the connections…
    The 5th is ALSO working ok, BUT the status remains just the yellow 'X'...even though it's working.

    I've tried rebooting the routers, deleting the SAD and SPD, but it made no difference...

    I know, since it works, why worry about it, but the visual bugs me...LOL

    ALL routers are PFSense! PFSense Rocks!

    With the IPSec in question...
    I do get this in the main router's log:

    racoon: WARNING: trns_id mismatched: my:DES peer:3DES

    And the remote router has this in it's log:

    racoon: WARNING: No ID match.


  • So…should I even bother...?

    23 looks, but no bites... is that telling enough...?



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