Pfsense caching server

  • Dear all,

    Is there a way to transparent cache all my lan connection in pfsense using squid. But the scenario is I am using mikrotik as edge router and  authenticate user via pppoe using radius server. All I want is I should see user logging in thought mikrotik and pfsense must act as caching server where all users pass through pfsense and to mikrotik. I want pfsense and users to work in same mikrotik lan subnet. For mikrotik wan I have a static public IP and mikrotik lan is private IP natted. I am doing this to reduce bandwidth consumption on my wan. And I don't want my ISP to know that I am caching on mikrotik lan. And also I don't have access to mikrotik it is maintained by ISP. Highly appreciate an working answer.

    Really desperate :-[

  • Can anybody plz help me out.. :(