(SOLVED) huawei e1550 lost connection after reboot pfsense

  • Hello guys,

    I am using a huawei e1550 dongle in pfsense and notice that after I add this dongle in Interfaces/PPPs and then in Interfaces/Assign, the connection only remained for like ~3 minutes, I was perfoming ping's to see it and this dongle has a blue led that turns a permanent when it is connected, and after this ~3 minutes, it was blinking slowly like it didnt had a connection.

    So for test purpose I went in Interfaces/PPPs config and enable Dial On Demand, and after that the connection turns stabilized, but If I mess with the PPP connection and it loses is IP from ISP, like rebooting the device for example, when it start again the connection is always down and I have to go to Interfaces/PPPs and just save that PPP to have the connection again.

    So my question is, there is a way to turn this more reliable and force it to reconnect in case of 'lost' connection?

    Thank you in advance!

  • I believe it is something that must be sure to go.

  • @Deveilhuray:

    I believe it is something that must be sure to go.

    Thanks for the response Deveilhuray, I discover that this dongle is incompatible with pfsense, it is a huawei e1550s-1, and the id product is the same as the huawei e1550s, in the compatible list: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Known_Working_3G-4G_Modems