Changing number of ping attempts before failover occurs

  • Hi all,

    I've recently deployed PFSense for a medium sized telecom products developer and they love it.

    They have dual WAN links, one with cable and one with DSL. I've configured it as load balanced with failover and it has been working great. They even use OpenVPN for remote connetivity.

    My only question is…I'm seeing the cable link flapping over to the WAN link quite often because the ping to the cable link's own next hop router occasionally fails. I believe the cable provider may limit be throttling ICMP. But the next hop is probably the best gauge of the link being up or down.

    Is there a parameter that can be changed somewhere that determines how many times a ping should fail before marking the link as down and triggering the failover? This way, I can change it to, say, 5 pings, one every 10 seconds and if after all 5 pings fail, the link is marked down.

    Any help appreciated!

  • Same problem here!!! Guys, is there any help you can provide for this matter??? Any recommendation???


  • You can if you upgrade in 1.2.1.
    Take a look at /usr/local/sbin/

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