CARP + CenturyLink Enterprise Fiber

  • I just got my first DIA internet and am trying to setup the network.

    This is the IP info they gave me.
    Customer Serial: X.X.X.14/30 (
    LAN IP Block: X.X.X.152/29 (

    I setup CARP on my PFSense Cluster using and for the interface IP's and I created the CARP VIP with X.X.X.14/30 IP.

    This is working great, I can pass traffic from my existing LAN's over NAT out to the internet and back over the fiber.

    I have an allow all to all rule on the Fiber WAN interface and I can't ping it. I have setup a NAT redirection for a Remote desktop host on the Serial IP and LAN IP Block X.X.X.153.

    When I try and RDP in from the remote host to either IP I see the states in the table but no connection.

    I have setup outbound NAT and specific /32 outbound rule for remote desktop computer with no luck.

    What am I missing for the ping and RDP to work for the VIP?

  • Hmm, ping and RDP started working when I checked the "Default gateway" box on the Fiber Link.

    Not sure I understand why that is….