After instal only icmp works fine

  • hi,
    i have fresh and simple install of 1.2-RELEASE.

    from LAN: only ICMP work fine. Other traffic (tcp) from LAN go to internet, come back to pfsense (WAN interface) and stops here.
    I check keep state / no state options in firewall rules but with no results.

    What i miss? i sure there is some "magic-checkbox" :)
    thanks for any suggestions

    config below:
    WAN: dhcp from isp
    additional virtual ip for nat ( as proxy arp)
    Nat outbond -  have manual rule ,  WAN * * * VIRTUAL_IP * NO
    Firewall pass all traffic on LAN

  • Did your ISP assign you a static IP?
    What do you need the VIP for?

  • dhcp from isp works fine i get: ip,mask,gw,dns. no conflits with my others public fw.

    i need other public ip  for  LAN-NAT. I try to build new firewall on pfsense (lan+nat, dmz+ binat ) and i stops here …

    ping  from lan hosts works fine.
    telnet 80  -> resolve addresses , but packet from stops on pfsense-WAN-interface

  • As you desribe it it should "just work".

    You could try to change the VIP from PARP to CARP (even if you dont use the CARP-functionality) and see if it helps.

  • i cant just switch  arp->carp on vips becouse of webconfigurator rules.

    anyway. i disable vip and set nat from  Lan-> WAN.
    after that all traffic from Lan-hosts stops, only resolving address work correctly  :(

    what a f.  maybe i missunderdstood some check-boxes in menu

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