Upgrade - DNS (Bind and /or Resolver or Forwarder)

  • Hi,

    Perhaps a simple question.
    On v2.2 with BIND I have to change DNS to resolver/forwarder before attempting an upgrade.

    If I stayed with BIND the upgrade will complete but no packages will be re-installed after the upgrade as the system was configured to use bind but bind was one of the packages to be re-installed (so it was a non functioning package immediate after the upgrade). I had then to manually change DNS to forwarder/resolver and reinstall packages manually.
    So the flow in the upgrade was:

    System Upgrade >> packages download >> packages re-install >> upgraded  pfsense

    Is the upgrade workflow the same in 2.3.3? Or it has now changed to:

    Download System Upgrade >> Download packages >> install upgrade >> install packages >> upgrading pfsense - which means I can upgrade without changing BIND to forwarder/resolver before upgrade


  • I would still revert to the built-in resolver/forwarder just to be safe. The update/upgrade isn't terribly smart about handling situations where the system's DNS resolution depends on a package like BIND that is being updated as part of the update/upgrade.