Package Manager - Unable to retrieve package information

  • Greetings all,

    I'm running in some strange problem. My ISP updated today my internet conection from 25 to 50mbit and screwed up with ipv4 and gave me an ipv6. After this was set back to ipv4 and 50mbit I got the error "no packages installed" and in the Package Manager "Unable to retrieve package information".

    The main problem then was that the pppoe won't dial at all and 2 companys and a private home where out of order. So to bring that to a working state I had an older Snapshot with less packages installed, and that worked out of the box. But that is only a dirty quick fix.

    So now I need your help what can be the issue or what logs I have to search for to find the problem?

    I already found some threads that say:

    Try again from ssh or the console using option 13 or "pfSense-upgrade -d" from a shell, and before you start, run "pkg clean"

    and this fixed topic:

    but when I dont have a working internet conection it wont run?! Is there any other way to try to fix it while I'm offline?

    Screenshots are attached of the not working and working pfsense.