Pfsense Transparency

  • Hello All,

    Here is my setup

    Alpha 1.3-ALPHA-ALPHA
    Pfsense built using snapshot on Tue Jul 22 21:50:49 EDT 2008


    I didn't know what the description of this issue would be and where to start searching, so here is what i'm looking into:

    1. I would like to just use pfsense as a bandwidth monitoring box.
    2. I need to keep the LAN IP's static and Public (no private addressing)
    3. Would I even use NAT to complete this (1:1 ?)

    I would appreciate any assistance given.

  • You could NAT 1:1, or you could use PFSense as a bridge. See here:

    The gist is that in a bridge config, both interfaces will exist on the same subnet, but with different IPs. The PFSense will not provide routes, but may need some static routes if you have layer-3 switching immediately upstream or downstream of it.

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