Kernel panic hfsc_dequeue after upgrading 2.40b to latest

  • (I'm not sure if this should go here, or in the 2.4 Development section. Admins please move as needed)

    My remote SG1000 became inaccessible after I (foolishly) upgraded the firmware remotely. After 12 hours, I drove to site, and found the console was going through the startup process. Odd. I sat there and waited; after a few minutes the webconfigurator came up, albeit sluggish. I didn't record the original beta firmware version; after the upgrade, the dashboard shows "2.4.0-BETA (arm) / built on Mon Mar 06 02:44:10 CST 2017 / FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE-p8" if that helps anyone.

    After 10 minutes, the console screen came up with "kernel panic" .. something .. "hfsc_dequeue" then I lost the connection and the SG1000 restarted. This cycle then repeated. (Of course I neglected to take a screenshot here too..)

    To resolve it, while the webconfigurator was briefly available, I removed the HFSC shaper. I had originally had this in because I was going to use it on my VLANs (not on the host interface because that's not supported on this platform yet). But I hadn't assigned any traffic to any queues at this stage. After removing the shaper, the system became stable again and I've had no further issues.

    I've seen a few other kernel panic threads floating around, but didn't notice any for hfsc_dequeue. Was my process wrong for applying HFSC for VLANs only on an SG1000, or is this a bug? Just throwing this out there.