Three Internet Connection with same ISP,same gateway, possible for load balance?

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    First of all, thank you to PFSense Community.

    I successfully installed PFSense in our company's network using single WAN and LAN. Now, I am facing an issue in which our management asked me to do the same with our partner network but using 3 WAN coming from the same ISP with the same gateway. I read this is not possible and for curiosity sake i want to confirm if this is not possible at all.

    please help.

    and for the network design 'supposedly' see the link

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    No, this won't work (unless it's PPPoE).

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    thanks for quick reply. I checked that PPPoE is available in pfsense, is there any tutorial or ways to make it work, i mean, sa per my subject?

    again thanks

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    Well, that won't exactly help? (By PPPoE, I mean the ISP connectivity.) The only workaround there is do another level of NAT in front of pfSense for the two other WANs.

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    What would be the point of this?  If the connection to the isp is the same - if it goes down it goes down?

    If you want redundancy for failure of hardware, ie pfsense connection to your isp then setup a carp.. So 2 pfsense and then to follow suit your lan infrastructure connection to pfsense should also be redundant and allow for hardware failure.

  • Sounds like they have 3 different IPs, each provisioned some bandwidth from the ISP and they want to load-balance the IP addresses.

  • Thanks guys for your answers. My point here is, i have 33 users in that office I want to distribute the three connections to them. It doesnt matter if the network is down,as long as the connection among them is distributed to these three network. Rather than providing individual pfsense per 10 users, why not use one ordinary desktop having three NIC to manage them?

    How about virtualbox? having windows 2012 as host and virtualize pfsense in three NICS, is this possible?

    Please be patient with me and sorry for taking your time.

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