Core functions without diving deep into details

  • Hi guys, I don't want to sepnd too much time reading piles of docs, I need to do very simple task, maybe you could kindly give me directions to tutorial or ready to use code, we use sdi over fiber units with ethrnet channel, via ethernet we transport RTP video stream, then it goes to vlan cloud and gets mixed with other forms of traffic, I simply need to filter everything except RTP protocol, we consider SG-2440. If it doesn't worth it we might switch to less complicated solution, just give me your opinion, thanks!

  • @vidgeek897:

    just give me your opinion, thanks!

    Ok, my opinion is: I doubt you're going to get much help dropping into this forum with your first post saying "I don't have time to read anything blah blah can you just spoon feed me some code".  You haven't even given us any useful information except a link to some product that most people here know nothing about. Why do you need to firewall this traffic?  What (where?) is this "vlan cloud" ?? What are you actually doing with this equipment? At least draw a diagram or something, sheesh.

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    Definitely provide more details, I'd chime in if I could.

    But I personally feel that it is worth helping out a potential pfSense customer on the forums.

    If someone can let him know if pfSense works for his needs then he buys 1+ official pfSense product, and the project is supported.

    To me this is different than some home user like myself chiming in with "hey my ddWRT router VPN is slow, can pfSense a VPN make on my laptop"?

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