Question: Dual WAN failover - GUI Freezes?

  • Hi all,

    This has been bugging me for some time - but when the WAN fails over (i.e. Link 1 -> Link 2) why does pfSense's webpage become unresponsive until the link comes back up?

    Sometimes if a link is flipping back and forth, the administration web site may time out.

    Anyone have this problem as well?


  • during a gateway switch all the states are killed, so your connection to the gui becomes invalid and you have to reconnect. You can disable state killing on he advanced options, but I don't kown all the pitfalls this can have.

  • I am having this problem as well. I have my WAN2 set to a Satellite link which experiences any number of flaps over the course of the week, day and sometimes hours. When it's in this condition it sometimes takes minutes or hours to gain access to the GUI to come back up. Most of the time, pfSense becomes unstable and I have to restart in order to get things working again. I have found that "sometimes" restarting Restart PHP-FPM will get me back into the GUI. However, pfSense is often unstable and will eventually get to the point to where all access to the WAN(s) is not possible.


  • Further testing shows that the 'flapping" of the satellite link really has little to do with it. Simple failover from WAN1 to WAN2 results in poor performance and loss of gui responsiveness. So far, I have not been able to get Multi-Wan failover to work properly. I have tried all the suggested configurations and even the most simple automatic gateway switching builtin to pfSense. If anyone has a working configure Dual WAN failover setup that works it would work. I don't even care about load balancing across the two WANs, just needing a failover configuration that actually works. I have tried the suggested configurations here and some on Youtube multiple times.

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