Traffic Shaping applies WAN rules, can I delete them?

  • Hi. I have had a hard time with Traffic Shaping and I don't mean to create any complicated set of rules.

    I have these interfaces: WAN, LAN, WIFI (OPT1)

    I used to have a rule for Firewall->Rules->Allow WIFI to WAN with In / Out Pipe set with WIFI_IN and WIFI_OUT Queues that limited the bandwith correctly.

    Under Firewall->Traffic Shaper->Limiter I had them set to 3 Mbps and they worked. So every time some notebook launched Windows Update or a Smartphone did something heavy they only eat 50% of the bandwith on the WAN.

    It just stopped working at some point (I'm currently on 2.3.3).

    So I went to Firewall->Traffic Shaper->Wizards and started traffic_shaper_wizard_dedicated.xml

    Defined the interfaces, set the limits to 2 Mbps and went on without enabling any other settings (as VoIP priority, IP Penalty, P2P etc).

    It finished and it started working immediately since the Win10 notebook on WIFI was throttled correctly.

    But I find under Firewall->Traffic Shaper->By Interface that it has added rules to WAN, qInternet, qACK, qDefault with the same 2 Mbit limit.

    It is NOT affecting the LAN performance at all, but it is there and confuses me. I have tried disabling and deleting all of them (for the WAN interface) and kept the ones for WIFI, and the limitation for WIFI STILL WORK.

    Why are the WAN settings there and what do they do?

    Thanks in advance.