• Having difficulty getting an ATT MicroCell to connect on DMZnet. Have attempted to setup the firewall settings as per the manual. Looking for assistance from anyone who is using one. Using PfSense for home use, mainly to use OpenDNS to filter kidos internet and to be able to have isolated private and public internet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've done battle with those things a a few times and the biggest thing is that the behaviour seems inconsistent. I've seen some just work with zero setup and others that never worked.

    Mostly they need to have static outbound NAT set to allow the IPSec tunnel to connect. That should be set anyway for port 500 but you should add port 4500 also.

    Check the state table for anything from the microcell IP to see what it's actually doing.


  • Make sure the damn unit has a good GPS signal.  I set these up first out in the yard with a clear view of open sky nowadays.

  • Thanks for the replies. Working 2nd half of a 48hr shift so hope to get back to it tomorrow. My old one was the white model with two ethernet ports. Gave up on that one and left between the modem and firewall. The new ones only have one port so I'm back to battling this issue again. GPS lock is fine and it works flawlessly when connected straight to the cable modem.

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  • First then get rid of any port forwarding you might have tried to the unit.

    Make sure you have created a Static address reservation in DHCP.

    Give the LAN rules (the LAN the unit is on) free access out to the internet.

    I have nothing else in place for two units I have out at a farm.

    You might add a Static port for "4500"

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    All those things do is make an IPsec tunnel to the mother ship. There is generally nothing that needs to be done in the firewall.

    Get the IP address out of the DHCP leases page and filter states on it. From that you should be able to tell what it is doing and if there is bidirectional traffic. If there is, be patient. Start from a reset. They can take a LONG time to start working.

    Put it in a window if not outside as has been mentioned. The last one I dealt with had a GPS antenna that looked like a little mouse. We put that in the window. It eventually came up.