Port Forwarding - Xbox 360 System link issues

  • Hi  I'm a new pfSense user, and loving the performance difference compared to consumer routers!

    Anyhow.. I am having some weird NAT issue ( i think)    I am trying to join my friends xbox 360 game server which is running on port range 3071-3072  I have set port forwarding under Firewall>NAT  for the same port range to my xboxs IP,  and he is able to join my game servers just fine,  however I cant join his game session even though I can see his server listed in the game.

    at first i thought it was an issue with his Nat settings, however i tried switching back to my netgear r7000 w/ddwrt set port forwarding the same  way and I was able to connect to his game just fine!  so must be something i am missing in the pfSense configuration  some sort of outbound port rules?  :(

    edit- happy to buy ya a beer for any tips to help me resolve this.  Cheers!

  • This should probably be in the Gaming sub-forum.

    You'll want to post your LAN rules screenshot.

  • Hi, oops! didn't realize there was a gaming section..

    My Lan rules were default from fresh install :)

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