Symbol pcmcia wireless card error

  • I am using Pfsense 1.3 Alpha and i love it but i am getting this error message with my Symbol 4131 pcmcia wireless card

    Wi0:<symbol spectrum24="" la4100="" series="" wlan="" pc="" card="">at port0xd000-0xd047 irq 21 function 0 config 1 on pccard 0
    Wi0: Symbol LA4100 needs 'option WI_SYMBOL_FIRMWARE'

    Can you please help me .</symbol>

  • In FreeBSD Man Pages they mentioned that the wi driver is supported :

    Can anyone who has more experience in BSD help me on this please ?


  • A quick glance at the source code (sys/dev/wi/if_wi_pccard.c) for FreeBSD 7.0 suggests the driver for your particular card needs to be compiled with kernel option WI_SYMBOL_FIRMWARE enabled. This probably applies to the 1.2.1-RC builds as well.

    	 * The cute little Symbol LA4100-series CF cards need to have
    	 * code downloaded to them.
    	pccard_get_vendor(dev, &vendor);
    	pccard_get_product(dev, &product);
    	if (vendor == PCMCIA_VENDOR_SYMBOL &&
    	    product == PCMCIA_PRODUCT_SYMBOL_LA4100) {
    		if (wi_symbol_load_firm(device_get_softc(dev),
    		    spectrum24t_primsym, sizeof(spectrum24t_primsym),
    		    spectrum24t_secsym, sizeof(spectrum24t_secsym))) {
    			device_printf(dev, "couldn't load firmware\n");
    			return (ENXIO);
    		    "Symbol LA4100 needs 'option WI_SYMBOL_FIRMWARE'\n");
    		return (ENXIO);

    Do you have the firmware file? (Guess that could be another problem.) And I don't have any idea how the firmware would be loaded, though the man page for wi would probably be a good place to start looking: go to and type wi in the appropriate box then click the submit button.

    A lot of FreeBSD drivers are shared with OpenBSD and NetBSD. I've sometimes found the OpenBSD man pages a bit more informative than the FreeBSD man pages: and click on the Manuals link on the left.

  • Looking at the CVS commit logs and the associated diffs gives more information. The firmware is shipped with FreeBSD - it's in src/sys/dev/wi/spectrum24t_cf.h in all but HEAD (it has been moved in HEAD as part of the wireless improvements). The kernel option is required - but I see no need to have it turned off unless an extra few KBytes in the kernel (or wi module if wi(4) is a module) is a problem.

    The only thing to be careful of is that the firmware has an advertising clause in its licence; see the header file I just mentioned for details.

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