• I have installed PFSense to my hard drive and tried to set up the system as best as possible, considering there are no setup instructions.

    I turned off the firewall as I am inside a firewall already. Then I applied several bandwidth shaping rules (a lot). Everytime I try to check the queues, it only tries to show 1 line, labeled "in". That queue won't finish loading.

    Any ideas would be helpful. Any setup instructions would also be helpful….. BTW, the Monowall instructions aren't much help.


  • Have you enabled "Disable the firewalls filter altogether." at advanced settings? This will shutdown the Trafficshaper as well as the packets are not processed any more by the filtering mechanisms. If you did so uncheck this option. Instead put rules at WAN and LAN interface to allow all traffic. If you don't want NAT enabled advanced outbound nat and delete any nat mappings.

  • Thanks for your help. That did the trick. I had disabled the firewall.

    Now, how to read the queues. Is there a way to tell if the shaper is acutally shaping? Seeing that something is in the que really doesn't tell me much. Can I see somewhere the IP of a client and if they are having packets dropped due to shaping? Also, if you can see that, can you see why the packets are being dropped?



  • If you see dancing queue graphs it's shaping (quite obviously)  ;D And if you see that different queues are used it works somehow. If you want to see more details check pftop at the consolemenu. You have different realtimeviews with connection information there. If you see dropped packets in a queue it means that pfSense has started throtteling the speed of the packets in this queue due to traffic exceeding a given limit or due to other traffic that appeared with higher priority (depending on the rules).

  • My setup does not have a pftop option. I have an ntop that I loaded separately, but it doesn't seem to have what you were mentioning.


  • pfSense console setup

    0)  Logout (SSH only)
    1)  Assign Interfaces
    2)  Set LAN IP address
    3)  Reset webGUI password
    4)  Reset to factory defaults
    5)  Reboot system
    6)  Halt system
    7)  Ping host
    8)  Shell
    9)  PFtop                          <–-------------------------------- I'm talking about this option at the CONSOLE menu, not the webgui.
    10)  Traffic Logs

    Enter an option:

    You can access it via ssh as well if ssh is enabled at system>advanced in the webgui.