BandwidthD Processes never close

  • After installing bandwidthd when I first setup the pfsense box, about 85 days ago the grey line for processes in the RRD graphs just keeps on climbing, putting in the ps -A command returns a whole heap of bandwidthd processes. After uninstalling and reinstalling it looks to be doing the same thing. Is there anyway to change this behaviour? Surely after bandwidthd redraws the graphs each 7 minutes or whatever it can then cut back down to the one process or a few processes rather than the hundreds it was running?
    Heres a sceenie to show steady climb.

    You can see the huge drop off as I install it, and the process number stays at a good level for 13 hours then starts climbing again.
    Any help in changing this behavior would be greatly appreciated, it does not slow down the box at all, but I would rather have an optimised system running rather than a system that just works.

  • I think I can second your observation.
    BandwidthD is installed here as well. I was assuming it is related to squid but I never checked that.

    The drop in processes at the end of July was due to a reboot. Steadily climbing since.

    ATM I only have about 10 BandwidthD processes running.

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