Unable to get traffic to route down OPT1 / OPT2 - gateway won't ping

  • So been working on this for most of the day and so have now given up and now asking the community for help.

    I have a set up as follows…

    WAN - Satellite Connection
    OPT1 - 4G modem
    OPT2 - ADSL modem - working now over PPPoE
    LAN - internal network

    Really simply - I want to have the traffic working together in a multi-lan setup for the WAN and OPT2 connection, and then use OPT1 to establish a OpenVPN link to another pfSense in another site. But lets just start with the basics.

    I want to prove that each connection provides a working path to the internet. Taking both the 4G modem as an example - I have made sure its running effectively in bridge mode, and that I get a connection to the internet when directly connected to a laptop. I then switch it onto the pfSense and configure the interface correctly - and what I find is that I can ping the local gateway fine, but anything to the internet does not work. The same is the case with the ADSL modem - which to rule out any downstream issues I put into passthrough mode and now run under a direct PPPoE connection.

    So clearly to me this is a problem of routing. When performing a ICMP ping to anything out on the internet, I am guessing that unless I use the WAN interface - won't work as the data will be being routed out via the main WAN link. This of course though stops me dead in my tracks from using any of the other links for any other purpose.

    A set of screenshots attached for my current setup. Genuinely loosing my mind over what should be a simple routing config - and so any and all advice duly welcome!

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