Subnet routing

  • I been trying to setup two PFSense to route to each other and fail horrible.

    WAN: (Public IP, just a substitute)

    WAN: (Public IP, just a substitute)

    I got the two subnets to communicate each other. I can ping one to the other computers and vise versa.


    Web Server A: (PFSense2)

    • but when I go to (UniFi Controller) it wont load. (FROM PFSENSE1, BUT if I'm on PFSENSE2 I can load the page just fine without PING)
    • I then open up CMD and ping and then the website loads.

    Anyone know what could be wrong? I'm not able to track this.

    although we can ping across subnets. But services behind the subnet won't intital/establish till I open up a cmd to ping the ip of the service on the other pfsense.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So are you natting because you state those are public IP.. If you want to hit the rfc1918 on that other box you would need to have a tunnel vs just a forward from the public.

    So what vpn did you bring up.  What tunnel network did you use?  Where is your routing table?

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