FW blocking some connection / double bandwitdh in graphs

  • Hi All,

    First post here and new to pfsense, so apologies in advance if this isnt posted where it should be..
    I installed pfsense on a vm in our network, because we've been having bandwidth issues and i would like to monitor who is sucking up all the bandwidth.

    However i have two issues:
    1. bandwidth is counted double in the stats (least urgent)
    2. some connections are blocked even tho there is a allow any to any rule on both LAN and WAN


    Multiple sites connected through MPLS/VPN

    Site A:

    i cant put the FW between the router and the core switch for reasons, so i just created the VM with 2 NICs.

    WAN ( and pointed GW to original GW .254
    LAN (
    Pointed GW for the DHCP ( running windows server ) to .54
    2 Rules: Any to Any on wan | any to any on lan

    Site B:
    My main location, original setup, no pfsense deployed (yet)
    Sadly, IP range is



    • RDP/PING to PC/Server with DHCP lease on site A from Site B does not work
    • RDP/PING from these devices to my PC on site B = OK
    • Devices who use original GW have no issue


    • user goes to sharepoint, the server is located on a 3rd site ( 172.28.2xx.xx) , they get login prompt for their AD user, keeps looping for login )
    • devices who use the original GW, have no issue

    c) not as urgent
    Double traffic on interface, both ip .53 ( WAN ) is show in LAN traffic

    FW logs show a lot of this:

    and some of this



    Disabling the FW fixes the issues but i'd like to do some limiting etc, so this isnt really an option..

    Is my FW setup fundamentally wrong? whats up?

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