Port forwarding behind VPN for Plex Media Server pfsense 2.3.3-RELEASE-p1

  • I am currently trying to figure out how to forward a port to an internal Plex Media Server in order to stream my media content out of my network. I want to keep the server behind the VPN. I am able to forward and connect when the VPN is not used. So, I copied the working port forward NAT rule and changed the interface to the corresponding VPN interface. I am still unable to connect.

    I have researched for a while now. every attempt has failed. Does any one have a solution to forward ports through a VPN to a local host?

    Thank you in advance!

  • First, I need some info:

    What is the default gateway for the Plex Media Server?
    Where is the VPN Server? The pfSense host?
    Are you trying to access the Plex Media Server via plex.tv or any Plex apps from outside of the network the server exists?

  • When i get it to work the default gateway for Plex is WAN. I have a port forward rule for plex on the WAN. with this set up I am able to access Plex from outside the Plex Media Server's local network.

    The way I would like it to work is having the default gateway for Plex be the VPN server (VyprVPN)(LONDON) and be able to access it from outside the local network the same way it works via the WAN.
    You can see the attachment for my NAT rule. I currently have the (LONDON) NAT inactive as I am routing Plex via the WAN.

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