PFsense using 3650 for routing

  • Hi all, been using PF for a while and have been using it through a vm now for some time and love it. question though. I would like to use PF strictly as a FW, dhcp, dos and proxy server and would like to move the clans down to my l3 switch and let that do my internal routing.

    l3 3650 (4 SVI's) - PF (FW, DHCP, DNS, Proxy) – WAN

    if I do this, do I just use the 1 link from 3650 to PF or do I need to add a second connection to handle the services part. I keep thinking if I move this way, my static route will just forward to pf to send out to internet. and if thats the case, then the services wouldn't be used.
    So my thinking is I need to create another link to get those services, then come back to the l3 switch to forward back out to the pf for net access.

    if this is the case, how do I set up the vlan portion? just add all my vlans on pf as l2 with no ip's?


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