Multi VLAN routing over IPsec

  • Hi Guys,

    Need help.. long day and I cant find my error…..

    Need to ROUTE multiple VLANS over 1 IPSEC tunnes

    Phase 1 = OK

    Phase 2 = OK for DATA VLAN (LAN) and routes OK between sites....
    Phase 3 = OK for VOICE VLAN (VOICE) but WILL NOT ROUTE!!!!!!!

    FIrewal rules for IPSEC on both boxes are set to ALLOW ANY/ANY for now...

    any ideas ????

    VLAN 1 = DATA
    VLAN 100 = VOICE =

    VLAN 1 = DATA
    VLAN 110 = VOICE =

    Pictues of P1 and p2 entries for each site attached

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Are both phase 2's coming up?

  • yes but  found my error!!!!!  was no creating all P2 necessary.. pic to come soon

  • here's the final setup and working great…. was just to tired... lol

  • I wanted to see if I could get help doing the same idea but for my mobile clients. For example

    Current topology

    Network A
    Network B
    Network C

    I want to grant specific clients access to the specific networks via IPSEC

    Client A P2 Network Default route access to all networks
    Client B P2 Network Access to Lab A network
    Client C P2 Network Access to Lab B network

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