IPv6 (Failover and DHCPv6)

  • HI,

    I have 2 pfsense FW 2.3.3 p1 version, one is Master and Second is Backup. CARP configured between both firewalls  for IPv4 and all the configurations are successfully syncing. When I configured the DHCPv6 on master firewall, that configuration didn't replicated to the backup one and everything works perfectly from outside to inside and vice versa on master. When firewall failover IPv6 connectivity is gone. My questions:

    1. If i configure the Sync IPs to be IPv6 instead of IPv4, Does the configurations will be synced related to IPv4 configuration? What impact we will have if i configure sync interface peer IPs to be IPv6?
    2. If I configure IPv6 LAN VIP, Will DHCPv6 advertise VIP as gateway?
    3. Please suggest a design to get IPv6, IPv4 workig together in failover with DHCPv6 synced between them and if the firewall failover it should be seemless

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