PfSense 2.3.3-RELEASE-p1 will not Autoboot

  • Hi guys,

    I have numerous pfsense installs at different locations, but one of these installs refuses to automatically boot into pfsense and awaits a keypress ( either enter or 1 )

    The hardware and install media is the same for all other installations, so i am not sure what could be wrong.

    While the system is running fine when booted, i really do need it to autoboot into pfsense in case of a power cut or similar.

    Contents of loader.conf
    Contents of loader.conf.local

    Any idea how i can fix this without reinstalling?


  • No one? :(

  • probably a bios setting on that one machine.  Could it be doing a "halt on xxx" and waiting for a key press?

  • Hi,

    No its beyond the bios, it is within pFsense itself after the boot selection screen.

    I did check bios, it is identical to my other machines of exactly the same spec.

    It is quite frustrating, think i might need to reinstall :(


  • Are you using remote serial console ?  If so, maybe it's waiting for something on the serial port ?

    My remote pfsense is headless VGA console, where I just access using GUI & SSH.