Beta4 NAT 1:1

  • I don't seem to be having any luck getting NAT 1:1 working in beta 4. (I don't have beta3 so I can't check and see if it's changed).

    External WAN


    I have several webservers that I wanted 1:1 mapping for, so I added rules for them. Once rules are added they cannot see past the firewall.

    What I really wanted to be able to do was something like the Watchguard where you can say on the 1:1 start at this ip address and automagically add this # of hosts to the mapping, i.e. start at and add 250 1:1 mappings. Am I missing something really obvious here?

  • Did you only create 1:1 NAT entries or did you create VIPs for the additional public IPs?

    The correct way to do it is:
    1. Create a VIP for your additional public IPs (The type you have to choose depends on how your connection is set up; Other just accepts the IPs without generating Layer2 responses for the additional IP; ProxyARP and CARP create Layer2 replies)
    2. Add a 1:1 NAT to translate your VIP to an internal IP
    3. Create Firewallrules to allow the traffic. Keep in mind NAT comes first, then the rules are applied, so you have to use the internal IP as destination in your rules.

  • Yep. Did all that.

    VIP: (other)
    1:1 Nat: WAN -> ->

    I have the default ANY outbound rule and a icmp outbound rule (any to any). I added an ANY inbound rule (blocked with logging) and an icmp one, so that I could see what was attempting to come through.

    From the it I try to access anything beyond the firewall it won't connect. And if I try and access it from the outside, I don not get any messages in the log for .20.

  • Like I said, type other doesn't create fake layer2 replies, it just accepts this IP if it is routed to you anyway. Try using ProxyARP or CARP.

  • Changed to Proxy ARP

    Still doesn't see the outside world.

    Since I've logged everything though, I'm getting messages that it passed traffic. But I don't get anything returned. And when I ping it from an external source, I don't get any messages in the log at all. (I've changed the inbound rule to allow anything to anything and log it).

  • Sounds to me the IPs are not routed to you. Try tracerouting from an external location to your real WAN IP. Then traceroute to your additional IP and see if it takes the same route.
    Btw, you are sure External WAN is correct for your WAN? /24 subnet?

  • Looks like it is wokring to me?

    5    10 ms    10 ms    10 ms []
      6    94 ms    94 ms  111 ms []
      7    94 ms    94 ms    94 ms []
      8    94 ms    93 ms  122 ms []
      9    *        *        *   
    10  141 ms  142 ms  142 ms []
    11  152 ms  153 ms  152 ms
    12    *      147 ms  147 ms []
    13  148 ms  148 ms  148 ms []

  • Forgot something that matters greatly. Clear the arp cache on the router.

  • Cool, bump the green button if your issues are solved  ;D

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