Will there be a BIOS update for the C2758?

  • We run several C2758 chassis PFSense machines. I believe they are effected by the Intel bug. Will there be a bios update released for them?


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    The BIOS upgrade for SG series units is not applicable to C2758 because of a different board manufacturer and design. You may contact SuperMicro RMA department at 408-503-8000 (ext. 4 or ext. 8080). To expedite the process, be sure to follow their Guidelines prior to contacting their RMA Department.

  • Sorry, but I purchased these units from PFSense/Netgate, not SuperMicro, so I expect PFSense/Netgate to provide a fix for this issue, just as they have for their SG units.

    It's simply not good enough to fob me off to the upstream vendor.

    If the unit must be RMAd to apply the fix, that information needs to be posted somewhere and the RMA would go to PFSense/Netgate not SM.

    If there is a BIOS update which can fix it, I expect PFSense/Netgate to acquire it from SM and pass it on.

    I have 8 of these devices in business critical positions, I need to know I can rely on them.

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    It wasn't clear to me you have purchased the appliances from us. Sadly, things don't change. Manufacturer provides a fix for the hardware, in this case SuperMicro is the manufacturer. Due NDA's from SuperMicro and Intel, I am not able to provide any more details about this. That's why the phone call to SuperMicro is the best way.


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