Creating USB bootable problem

  • Hi all, I knew pfsense a lot time ago. I always installed using a ISO. after that I was 7 years (I think) without using it.

    I have a Appliance GateProtect and I want to install PF sense on it. This only has console port. Then I downloaded the image (x86), installation, for console port. I made the SHA2 checksum and it is OK.

    After that I decompressed the image using 7-zip and winrar. The software creates a new file an when I tried open it it says the file is damaged.

    This is right? I made the checksum and it is OK…

    After I used rufus and win32diskimager (on different opportunities) and my USB stick finish the process without format or with 20MB but without files on it.

    So, could you please tell me where is my fail? What I'm doing wrong on this.... I read the installation and it is very easy.

    I don't want to use the GateProtect bullshit anymore. Please help me.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The .img file is a disk image that is written to the USB memstick using dd, win32disk imager, rufus, etc. The filesystem format is UFS which few other operating systems can read, aside from FreeBSD. The fact that you can't see any files on there does not mean there is a problem.

    Try to boot from the USB memstick. If the hardware supports booting from USB and FreeBSD will run on that hardware, then it should work.

    There was at least one other person who managed to get it to work on similar hardware, but that might be a different model:

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