VIP Not Working

  • I currently have 3 interfaces on my PFSense box.
    One interface is LAN, One is T1, and the other is Cable.
    I have a failover in place for the T1 and Cable.
    Each interface (besides the lan) has a static IP assigned by my ISP.
    I tried to setup 2 VIP's, I selected CARP and put a password in along with a VHID group.
    Each VIP has a diff VHID group and the same password.
    I then did a nat 1:1 from each static IP to the lan IP.

    Once I access one of the static IP's, they go to my pfsense box, not the internal lan I assigned it to go to.
    The other IP I cannot even access.
    Both IP's cannot be accessed outside of my LAN, only one can be accessed from inside my LAN.

    I am stumped and do not know what to do.
    Any thoughts?

    I have attached my configuration file below.
    I have also taken screenshots of my setup.


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