Why it's so hard to adjust bandwith per interface or per user ?

  • I think pfsense is not capable of adjusting bandwith or it's very hard to achieve.

    I have two lans and want to give 3 mbits to one of them and rest to the other, couldn't find a way to do it.

  • It seems like you should be able to do this setup with a limiter.  You could limit inbound bandwidth on your WAN to 3Mbps and then just let the other LAN have the rest.  You could do this pretty simply with two limiters…

    Download Limiter:
    Set bandwidth limit for downloads on the LAN interface, give it a description and check the enable box.

    Upload Limiter:
    Set bandwidth limit for uploads you would like on the LAN interface and give it a description and check the enable box.

    Click Apply to save and apply the changes to the firewall.  You should have two limiters setup now.

    Lets assume that your second LAN is the one you would like to limit.  Go to the rules for the LAN2 interface.  You may have your rules setup differently, but it is normal to have a default pass rule to allow LAN clients to pass traffic through the interface for internet access.

    Click to edit the default internet rule for your LAN2 interface.
    Click on the Advanced Options button
    Under the limiter section at the bottom Set:
    In = Upload Limiter
    Out = Download Limiter

    Save and apply the rules.

    Do a speed test from the LAN2 network and you should see that your upload and download traffic are limited to the amount you chose. On LAN1 you should still achieve full unthrottled bandwidth.

    I hope this helps.

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