Problems with dual lan, interface widget and rrd_summary package.

  • I'm using 2.3.3 release on an intel based pc, as a firewall.

    I have a new requirement to have a physically separate "guest" network,  so I have fitted an additional LAN card to the pc, a couple of problems have arisen.

    1.  I added the additional NIC card and then used the < Interfaces / (assign) > tab on the browser application to set it up as OPT1.  Quick and easy, much impressed.  However, the interface statistics widget on the dashboard had a cosmetic error, the background (row shading) behind the  OPT1 column of figures was not drawn.  I found the "fix" is to use the console to re-configure the WAN and two LAN cards, the problem is fixed and firewall settings etc were retained, much to my relief.  I have repeated this on a second spare pc, the  < Interfaces / (assign) > tab does not seem to update all of the "settings" required by the Interface Statistics widget.

    2.  I use the rrd_summary package.  I sort of regard the information it shows as a "must have".  There was a "fix" to this package a couple of months ago and since then it has (so far as I can tell) correctly shown WAN traffic, in and out, for this and the previous month.  Now that I have the two LAN's,  shown as LAN and OPT1 on the Interface Statistics widget, the "out" bandwidth for this month is showing a silly high figure which simply cannot be correct, the "total" is showing the correct sum of the "in" and "out" displayed figures.  Last months figures are still shown correctly.  ( I'm assuming the sum total from both LAN's, both in and outbound on the WAN should be shown. )

    The Interface Statistics widget on the Dashboard does (so far as I can tell) show three columns with the correct in / out figures since the machine was last booted, but the figures will be lost after a reboot and are not quite the "monthly usage" figures which I want, unless I log and calculate that data myself.

    Questions, and I wonder if I have missed a setting somewhere:-

    Anyone know if this error will self correct at the month end, ie when it rolls over to a new data set?

    Is there another package which will correctly display the monthly usage?


  • Follow on from the above.

    By adjusting the "start date" on the rrd_summary package I've found that the large data "error" occurs all on one day - the day I was assembling the pc with the new LAN card.  Starting the present month after that date shows sensible figures.

    Most probably I've caused some file or data corruption, perhaps with the backup file which at one point I restored.  My assumption now is that the display will self correct at the month end - and the "problem" is self inflicted.  Oops.


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