PfSense to pfSense IPSec Site to Site

  • Could someone / anyone share the details of a working configuration?  Including the IPSec tab of Firewall Rules?

    I've been successfully able to establish connection between the two sites, but unable to ping across the tunnel.

    I've tweaked the settings, tore down phase 1 and phase 2 and rebuilt both, etc. No change!

    I've read the How-To's.  I've Googled it all. I've tweaked some more…

    Both sites are now and have been from the start, on the latest version of pfSense.

    Thank you in advance!

  • let me join this request

  • Followed this How-To and now have a working site to site, IPSec VPN.

    Our issue that was preventing it from working is that AT&T blocks certain traffic required for the tunnel to operate properly.

    Will probably be exploring OpenVPN, Hub and Spoke topology in the next day or so and if all goes well, replace this site to site.

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