Openbgpd on pfsense 2.3.3_1 fails to start

  • Hi all.  I'm trying to setup a new pfsense firewall, and am experiencing a problem where openBGPd just will not start.

    I used the package manager to install the package, and put in some basic config.  It seems to generate the config file just fine, but when I go to the service's status tab, I see: "bgpctl: connect: /var/run/bgpd.sock: No such file or directory".  Indeed if I go out to the shell, the daemon is not running.

    Is there some additional step I'm missing here?

  • Hi, can you paste here your Raw Config ?? When service doesn't start something is missing

  • Hi, I am having the same difficulty.

    Was the OP able to resolve?

    I am attempting to connect to AWS Direct Connect.

    # This file was created by the package manager. Do not edit!
    AS 65000
    fib-update yes
    holdtime 30
    listen on
    network (inet|inet6)connected
    neighbor {
    	descr "Stream"
    	tcp md5sig password 0x2323XXXXXXXXXXXXXfsW4
    	remote-as YYYYY 
    deny from any
    deny to any
    allow from
    allow to

    TIA for any assistance.

  • Responding to my own post.

    There seems to be an issue saving changes for openBGPD.

    After checking the Status tab, each section has the following error : "bgpctl: connect: /var/run/bgpd.sock: No such file or directory"

    The solution is to go to the "Raw Config" tab , select all (Ctrl A), Delete, then Save. The file is re-created and the service then starts.

  • Hi -

    If you're still having issues with openbgpd, give the most recent Quagga plugin a try - I wrote in manual support (meaning you have to generate a cisco-like text config or use the "vtysh" front-end for Quagga from the command line). We did away with openbgpd and are now using Quagga for all BGP needs with pfSense.


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