SG-1000 as secure Wireless / Hotspot?

  • First, sorry if this is the wrong place..

    I'm curious if anyone is using the SG-1000 as a wireless bridge/VPN end point for use of protecting yourself while on Free Wifi at hotels / etc and or if anyone has has configured one with a 3G/4G modem to provide a hotspot with a hardware based VPN?

    This is a nice looking box, I just wish it had wireless / Cellular support built in. The possibilities would be endless. Now I'm wondering if I can get a reliable setup using a wireless bridge plugged into the WAN port, and either a wire from LAN to a laptop, or ideally a small AP to provide wireless to multiple clients.


    Edit: To be clear, I'd love to replicate this setup with pfSense:

  • Perhaps not what you're looking for but I've used my SG-1000 tethered, via the OTG port, to my Sony Xperia.  Eventually I bought a short Micro-B USB to Micro-B USB cable for that.

    I also tried it with a Sierra Wireless 4G hotspot (AirCard 706S) but it wouldn't work.  Probably driver related.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I run one of my SG-1000 units with connected via OTG for wireless and it works fine (well, as fine as wireless can work on FreeBSD/pfSense). AP and Client mode both work. That little wifi dongle gets HOT though. Fair warning.

  • Thanks for the help.
    I'll consider these options.

  • I'm using the IOgear GWU 637:

    Unfortunately, still having trouble setting this up, possibly due to the cable, or change of WiFi SSID.

    It's definitely not convenient, but I will keep trying until it's definitely confirmed as useless!

    Less and less hotels these days with wired Ethernet, so I can't even use this normally…

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