Sb8200 cable modem/2gig port

  • my friend just get the sb8200 that has 2 -1gig ports.. but comcast still gives 1 external ip the second is

    i added a dual nic card to try to bond to pfsense.. assigned both dhcp it possible to have 1 port doing all inbound and the other doing outbound? whats good about 2 ports on the  cable modem?


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    So that would be for future lagging support I would guess.. Keep in mine that lagg is 1+1 does not = 2.. So sure you could load share if your internet was faster than gig.. But a single client would not get more than gig..

    It would also be for if your isp was giving you more than 1 IP..

    To be honest these modems coming out say supporting up to 6bps with 1 gig interfaces are just as always marketing hype nonsense..  Just like that wifi router is 1750 mbps ;)  Sorry adding up the 2.4 PHY and the 5 PHY is no where close to what user going to see real world ;) Now once they start putting in 802.3bz (2.5 and 5gbps) interface you might have something..

    Got love all the ads 2Gbps service – and what exactly am I going to do with that at home when you give me a device with 1gig interfaces ;)

    As to why your friend is getting a 192.168.100.x address - yeah this common IP given out when modem has no isp connection yet, etc.  This is to put you on the network to access the modems ui at

  • cool cool johnpoz

    his internet plan is same as mine. 250down/25up

    comcast said needs biz account for another ip address.. he did get an F with bufferfloat was I fixed with traffic sharper..

    i just get the unifi hd 4x4 for my house well 2 of them.. i was hyped… but I'm happy...only around 700USD.. LOL...  replaced my ac pro 3x3.. single story 2100 sq all my kids are happy...

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