• Not sure if this is a bug or feature.

    I have a CARP setup that syncs every thing between master and slave.
    On the master I have interfaces xl0 (WAN), xl1 (LAN), xl2(CARP_SYNC)
    On the slave I have interfaces xl0(WAN), xl1(LAN), xl2(not used and disabled), xl3(CARP_SYNC), fxp0 (not used and disabled)

    When the rule sync happens the rules get synced on their interface name and not the friendly name so the rule that is supposed to copied to xl3(CARP_SYNC) on slave ends up on xl2 and if I add the rule to xl3(CARP_SYNC) on the slave the sync removes it.

    On 1.2 I guess it copied on friendly name as this used to be fine I know I can just move interface for CARP_SYNC and as a quick fix I have just stopped rule sync.

  • It is like that even on 1.2.
    What you are asking about is something to be implemented later on, i cannot say if it will be on 1.3 or not.

  • ??? pretty sure it used to work in 1.2 as I have had that running for ages and never spotted this before.

    Anyway if it is in the pipeline that is fine.


  • It always used to sync on user-defined name, not interface name, and that's the way it should still be. Otherwise you could never have two boxes with different physical interfaces, and that works fine. This sounds like a regression, ticket created. http://cvstrac.pfsense.org/tktview?tn=1823

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