Dual wan, full routing, source routing?

  • Hi all,

    I've searched the forum and found only one post that gives me an answer but I would like that someone confirm the way dual wan works for incoming connections (http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,9736.0.html).

    I have two SDSL with two public IP ranges on each (one for WAN side, one for DMZ side, no NAT only routing).

    On those DMZ I have web servers, if an incoming request comes in on WAN2 to public WebServer2 in DMZ2 will the reply will goes through the WAN2 ? Or do I need to implement some source routing ?  (In the post I found, dotDash says : "pfSense will route the connections that come in off a particular WAN back out that WAN automatically", is that true even when there is no NAT)
    I understand policy based routing implemented in pfsense is outbound related. What about incoming request ?


  • The best is to test.  ;D

    So I did the test this morning using virtual machines.  1 pfsense with two WANs, one pfsense as each Wan router, my PC as client, and two linux virtual machines as web servers, one in each DMZ of the multiwan pfsense. All networks being isolated via virtual network groups. NAT disabled on every box.

    Result : It works. Like dotDash said, nothing to do. Routed trafic that comes in through one interface goes back through the same interface. Magic !

    FreeBSD (and pfsense of course) is definitively awsome. When you think to what has to be done to achieve the same goal on linux….you laugth...and then you cry...

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