Connect to internet via laptop USB -> pfSense? (thetering)

  • Hi!

    I was wondering if it is possible to use a pfSense appliance as USB dongle / tethering device via USB to connect a laptop / server to the internet via an USB to pfSense connection instead of a regular network connection.

  • Question not clear.  pfSense is a multi-function firewall device, so it does not create a connection to the internet.  It only filters an existing connection to the internet.

    If your laptop does not have a wired ethernet NIC then you can use a USB CAT5 adapter, and then connect a CAT5 ethernet cable from that adapter to the pfSense box.  You could also connect to the pfSense box via wifi if your pfSense box has the proper wifi cards installed and configured.  The pfSense box cannot run on a USB flash drive; it needs to be installed on an actual computer.

    As far as internet, normally a pfSense box is plugged into the network right behind your cable/DSL modem or fiber ONT.

    It sounds like this isn't the solution you're looking for, and you may need an IT person to help you with this because it's easy to mess up and end up with no internet access.

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