IPSEC Site to Site VPN - Remote ID not set Correctly in aggressive mode

  • Hi,
    I have found an odd behavior, I am creating site 2 site VPN's from pfsense (netgate in AWS) into AWS on another region. each tunnel will successfully connect individually but I was trying to get both connected at the same time and route on route priorities.

    I could not get both to establish at the same time so I thought I would change the mode from Main to Agressive, but after I did that the tunnels would not establish. I have reviewed the changes and I note the the RemoteID has changed from the peer ip address to Any identifier, even if I edit the settings and specify the correct IP address it does not change away fro Remote ID. This is the reason why it won't establish.

    Is this a bug?

    I am running 2.3.3_1

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