New Network detected problem.

  • Please be gentle, I am a buffoon.

    Bought an apu2c4, and set everything up and am pretty happy. I have 1 strange behaviour I don't understand and would like to know where to start looking for the problem.  The apu2c4 is up all the time and rock solid but every time PCs on the lan switch on they are asking whether to enable sharing on the new network, my pc is up to network 12 already, have I missed something obvious? I'm on latest stable version.

  • in general that windows message pops up when your router changes mac-address.

    is your lan mac-adress changing for whatever reason?

  • Thanks for a speedy hint  ;D Hmm not sure about whether it is changing, I left the mac adress boxes blank on my lan and lan_port interfaces. Maybe I could generate random macs to put in the spoof boxes and that would stop it?

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