Pfsense and OVH Failover IPs

  • Hello.

    I have found myself at a wall and am trying to figure out a way around or over it.

    I am currently running pfsense on top of esxi on a OVH server. Everything is running but we have encountered some issues which is causing the entire network to have some corks in it.

    We have a few /29 and a few /32 purchased from the DC and have they all working but they are all spilling out one single wan address which is confusing some services as the outbound traffic is on a different up then what it's inbound is. EX: Data is sent on but coming in on I am not able to assign the proper gateway to each interface because pfsense says it's over lapping or used. I am sure pfsense has to have a way around this. Any information would be wonderful  as I have searched high and low trying to figure this out for my network and it's users.